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Moving Tips

Moving Made Easier from Bulldog Self Storage

Moving is a stressful time. Let Bulldog Self Storage simplify the process for you with some of our moving tips. Pre-planning and organization can help decrease your stress and make the process smoother. Our expert, friendly staff are trained to help determine your best storage solutions, as well as recommend the amount of packing supplies you will need.

Getting Ready

Before getting started here are some items to consider so you are prepared for contacting a moving company:

How long will you be storing your items?

How much access to them will you require? This will impact how you organize your unit.

Can your belongings be stored in an unheated unit or must the unit be heated?

What is the largest item you will be storing?

Where will your mail be delivered during your transition period? We have mailbox rentals!

Will you require a moving company?

Measure your large furniture items to make sure they will fit through the doors.

Getting Started

Once you have gathered how much moving help you need, you can now start your practical steps:

While researching moving companies, ask for an on-site estimate to get an accurate quote.

Leave yourself enough time to move and pack. It will take longer than you think!

Make sure you have enough boxes and other moving / packing supplies. Bulldog Self Storage has a great selection of supplies available for purchase at the best prices in the City.

Contact Bulldog Self Storage to discuss your needs and determine the best storage solution for you.

Remember to also ask about our moving supply packages that can be customized for you and will be ready for pick up when you need them.

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