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Packing Tips

Handle with Care: Packing Tips from Bulldog Self Storage

Once you’ve finished scheduling the movers and planning your move date, now it’s time for the difficult part. No worries – Bulldog Self Storage in Edmonton is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of time-saving, and hopefully plate-saving, packing tips so that you can store your belongings delicately and efficiently.

Packing Your Belongings

Effective packing can make moving significantly easier. Here are a couple of our time-tested tips to help you:

Do it methodically: sort through and pack one room at a time.

Make several piles: a pile of items to keep, a pile of things to donate, and a pile of things to throw away.

Use boxes of the same size to maximize unit space. They are also easier to stack and store in the unit.

Heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes so they are easier to manage.

Light items can be packed in larger boxes.

Pack non-essential items first, such as books, seasonal items and clothing.

Wrap all delicate and fragile items separately in tissue paper or bubble wrap.

Make sure to fill each box. Overfilling may damage your contents, while under-filled boxes can collapse when other items are stored on top.

Do not wrap items tightly in plastic as it will trap moisture.

Wardrobe boxes with a bar will help lessen the wrinkling of your clothing.

If possible, pack your electronics in their original boxes.

Packing Your Storage Unit

Once you’ve finished packing, it’s time to efficiently store your packed boxes if you are looking to rent a storage unit. These tips will make using your storage unit easier:

Make an inventory of all the boxes and types of items in your unit and where they have been placed.

Pre-plan how you will stack your packed boxes to ensure you have the ability to easily access those items you may need.

We recommend you use pallets or skids to keep your belongings off the floor.

Place heavy, large items in the unit first to create a good base for stacking.

Do not put heavy items on upholstered furniture or mattresses.

Be sure to store paintings, pictures, and mirrors in an upright-standing position.

Leave freezer or fridge doors open to prevent odours collecting over time.

Consider disassembling larger furniture such as tables, bed frames, and shelves so that they take up less room.

If you have questions about renting a storage unit in Edmonton, please call one of Bulldog Self Storage’s two locations today. We’re here to make your move easier for you!

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