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Storage Sizes & Pricing

Storage Units in Edmonton

Whether you’re moving from a house into a condo, or vice versa, not everything you own may make it to the next abode. Bulldog Self Storage can help you find a temporary home for those items. We offer storage units in our Edmonton locations of various sizes. 

Store It Right: Our Storage Unit Sizes

We offer a wide selection of heated and unheated unit sizes ranging from 10'x25’ up to 10'x50’, with numerous sizes in between. See below for the types of items that may be stored in standard unit sizes.

Bulldog 5'x5' Storage Unit

5’ x 5’ Storage Unit 

(25 square feet)

Perfect for storing small furniture items, books, business or personal files, seasonal items, clothing.

$75.00 + Tax  |  Heated $95.00 + Tax

Bulldog 5'x10' Storage Unit

5’ x 10’ Storage Unit 

(50 square feet)

Good for storing one to two rooms of furniture, bicycles, seasonal items, motorcycle, business or personal files.

$120.00 + Tax  |  Heated $135.00 + Tax

Bulldog 10'x10' Storage Unit

10’ x 10’ Storage Unit 

(100 square feet)

Perfect for storing contents of a large one bedroom or a sparsely furnished two bedroom apartment with major appliances.

$175.00 + Tax  |  Heated $197.00 + Tax

Bulldog 10'x15' Storage Unit

10’ x 15’ Storage Unit

(150 square feet)

Great for storing the contents of a two bedroom apartment, or a sparsely furnished three bedroom house with major appliances.

$190.00 + Tax  |  Heated $229.00 + Tax

Bulldog 10'x20' Storage Unit

10’ x 20’ Storage Unit 

(200 square feet)

You can store the contents of a three to four bedroom house with major appliances or a car, truck, or boat.

$220.00 + Tax  |  Heated $270.00 + Tax

250, 300 & 500 SQUARE FEET

10’ x 25’ / 10' X 30'/

10' X 50' Storage Units 

(250, 300 & 500 square feet)

Large household of furniture, car, truck, company goods, garage items and more...

Please contact us to enquire about pricing.

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Storage Calculator

Unsure of what size you need? Try our storage calculator.  Also our friendly and professional staff can answer your questions and assist you in selecting the right unit.

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